My original art on clothes, accessories & gifts 

Hi! November already! Thanks to all my customers for your support! I've been adding my art and designs to Christmas cards, fabric, wallpaper, giftwrap, clothing, home decor, accessories, bags and much more! Did you know, all my products at Zazzle can be customised by you, using the name of your choice before buying? Keep an eye out for sales at my shops and new products by visiting my shops 

 If you bought my products and want to tag me on social media, please do #magentarosedesign Click on the pictures below to go to the design and find all the products associated with it. iPhone 11 cases are now for sale at Redbubble!

Many thanks to everyone who used to buy giftwrap from me at Spoonflower. As you may know, it has been discontinued, but don't worry as I have started adding gift wrap to my Zazzle shop! 

 These days, I have more than 700 designs on fabric & wallpaper at Spoonflower and feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of uploading them all to giftwrap at once! If you don't see what you're hoping for and there is a design for it, please reach out to me at if you need a design added to Zazzle as gift wrap and I'll prioritise it.  Some customers use it to decoupage furniture that they make a living selling, others are boutiques that offer a giftwrapping service, some just love using "one off" designs to wrap special gifts. I say one off, because each design is custom printed and the designs aren't available anywhere else.

Popular designs in my gift wrap collection are the antique bookshelf wrapping paper,  Pink Pumpkin, botanical cherry blossom gift wrap, which I added to my Zazzle shop after a customer request. I created the Pink pumpkin watercolour design with the aim of having a design that would be right on for summer, autumn, fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I did this by adding seasonal flowers - hibiscus, protea, rose and poinsettia. It's also been pretty popular for baby showers since many people call their baby "pumpkin" affectionately, which is so cute. I do matching fabric and accessories too. If you don't see what you want, please ask me.

As with all of my Zazzle products, did you know that you can personalise them? That includes greetings cards, giftwrap, clothing, home decor items and bags, baby gifts and much more. I have included the gift wrap's I have in a collection below to make it easier to shop them 

If you have any questions at all, I'm here to help. You, my customers, never cease to amaze me with your creativity and I always love to see photos of your sewing projects, interiors and more. I recognise that not all of you want them shared publically, so please be assured of my discretion where necessary.

In the South of England, I am here creating the designs and absolutely love to see you guys just take it so much further with your imagination and personal styling, so I'm humbled by your support and wonderful creativity- Thank you! Being designer and owner of a small business, I am also website manager, admin, accounts and customer service and I truly value your custom. 

August 2019 has been a fun month as I've been a bit random and created a variety of surface designs from pirates, to cats, dogs, Moroccan Tiles and Art Deco designs. There is a new collection of fabric & wallpaper at my Spoonflower shop and new designs on clothing, accessories & home wares at my other shops. It is always very rewarding to see my customer's photos of beautiful creations they have made with my fabric and I often repost them at Currently, I am working on designs for the next season and all will be revealed at a later date, so please pop back soon!

Some of the themes you'll find on art and surface designs at my shops are retro, vintage and nostalgia, botanical, pets, hobbies and pastimes stretching as far back as those of Jane Austen. As I create art as well as patterns, you can find my designs on a huge range not just wall art, but clothes, home decor , fabric, wallpaper , accessories and much more. As  soon as the artwork process is complete, my original designs are uploaded to my shops listed at the bottom of the Home page 

I have a strong customer service ethic and love a happy customer! Send an email (link below) and I'll be right there
I have a strong customer service ethic and love a happy customer! Send an email (link below) and I'll be right there

My most regular updates are on Instagram  but if you want something and you can't find it, contact 

Usually if you see one product, there are many more matching ones for those who seek  total coordination, so why not browse the fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap at my Spoonflower shop 

I am always happy to consider licensing, collaborations and private projects but my workload will not always permit. As always, I will be transparent with you about timescales and what's truly possible. Thank you for your understanding.

We have added botanical watercolor Protea, Watarah flowers , butterflies, moths, bright coral, nautilus, tropical flowers, exotic birds, tropical summer fruits and much more to our shops. Additionally, we are starting to stock our shops for Christmas, so look out for Christmas cards, giftwrap and all kinds of gifts including iphone cases, bags, clothes, cushions and much, much more!