Meanwhile, behind the scenes, here is Magenta who creates the art you see here.

Magenta Rose
Magenta Rose

English Artist, Magenta is inspired by the ever changing seasons of  nature, and nostalgic charm of yester-year, finding they provide a wealth of inspiration for her art work.

Magenta loves to create watercolor art which she often uses to produce tiling designs which lend themselves to a wide variety of products, such as fabric, wallpaper, clothing and accessories.
At the heart of her work is a passion to create beauty and share joy. Magenta's philosophy is to find joy in the small things (which are usually the big things!) and to share them through art, to focus on what's beautiful, bright and good.

Magenta lives and work in the South of England, near the leafy New Forest and gorgeous beaches - with her husband, boys, dog and cats.
Contact Magenta at for possible collabs, licensing or help and advice in ordering. 

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